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In the world we live time management it's important. There is home to look after, college to attend, children to drop off at school, presentation deadlines to meet! So much to do that there hardly is any time to take care of yourself.

Don’t be disheartened if you are one of those super busy people who hardly get time to look good. This is where beauty hacks step in to make you look gorgeous despite the constantly ticking clock.

Here are the top beauty hacks for a beautiful you:

  1. Planning ahead : With a chock-a-block schedule that you have, there is hardly any time to waste. Planning ahead and organizing your makeup routine a night before will save your time from hunting for your lipstick or eyeliner at the last minute. Have a makeup zone that has every product and tool sequentially that you may want in the morning.

2. Puffiness gone in minutes: When you are constantly running around, wearing different hats , the first thing that gets sacrificed is your sleep. What gets reflected in on your face is puffiness. All you need is a pair of cold spoons on your eyelids for 5 minutes. You can even place slices of cucumber/ tomato to make the puffiness disappear.

Makeup does an equally job in creating an illusion of fresh eyes. Apply your concealer just under your eyes like an inverted pyramid and see the puffiness depart from your eyes.

3. Fuller lips now within reach: Don’t agonize if you want your lips to look fuller but have no time. It just takes 15 seconds for the transformation from thin to sexy lips. Put on your regular lipstick and then apply lip liner a shade lighter to the middle of your upper and lower lip. Mix the edges by strokes that are left to right. Add a bit of lip gloss and you are sorted for the day.

4. Start using dry shampoo: Regardless of the length , shiny and luxuriant mane are considered a hallmark of beauty. Shampooing regularly is an important step towards taking care of your hair. However, the act of shampooing may be time-consuming especially if you have long hair. Replacing your regular shampoo with a dry one will save you tons of time. It is a real savior as it cleans your hair in seconds. Spray it at least 10 inches away from you and use your fingers to distribute it evenly throughout your hair.

5. Hairdryer for drying nail: Who doesn’t love nicely pained nails. But letting them dry can be a pain. Not any more! Grab your hairdryer from under the dresser and blow-dry your nails. From wet to dry in the blink of an eye!

6. Baby powder for thicker lashes: If you want to give definition to your face there is nothing better than having thicker, longer eyelashes. If you have a few minutes to squeeze in before you start your day, here is a hack for you. Apply a thick coat of mascara to your lashes and then coat each lash carefully with baby powder. Baby powder is a natural thickening agent giving your lashes a voluminous look.

Now being busy will not stop you from looking good. Use the makeup hacks mentioned above and make time crunch a thing of past.

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